Picture Books

Bunjitsu Bunny deals with the pirates – Tales of Bunjitsu Bunny (Holt)

Bunjistu Bunny practices for Cricket – Tales of Bunjitsu Bunny (Holt)

4 little hotdogs drooling for a bone – 10 Little Hotdogs (Marshall Cavendish)

2 little hotdogs, just being hotdogs – (Marshall Cavendish)

Making like cats to stay in the house – The Cow Said Meow (Holt)

The pig said meow, too – The Cow Said Meow (Holt)

Mort’s running himself ragged between violin lessons and baseball – Mort the Sport (Orchard)

Mort’s a bit confused – Mort the Sport (Orchard)

Katie’s getting a little jealous – Katie and the Puppy Next Door (Holt)

Katie Loves the Kittens – that’s the title (Holt)

“No, no, no, you’re scaring the kittens.” – Katie Loves the Kittlens (Holt)

Milky the Cow is blown into a tree! – Chickens to the Rescue (Holt)

Who will cook dinner tonight? – Chickens to the Rescue (Holt)

Ernie takes off with the truck! – Chickens to the Rescue (Holt)

Pigs to the Rescue! (Holt)

Tyranosauruses snore like jet engines – Dinosaurs From Outer Space (unpublished)

Cows to the Rescue! (Holt)

Tudley tucks in and bounces to saftey – Tudley Didn’t Know (Arbordale)

Kenneth Bones (unpublished)

Pipaluk sings to the stranded whales – Pipaluk and the Whales (National Geographic)

Wild Strawberry (unpublished)

Wild Strawberry (unpublished)

I’m Not Scared! (Scholastic)

Hadrosaurus got a pretty new bow! – Dinosaur Christmas (unpublished)

Have a nice trip, Earth (unpublished)


These are samples from work that I have published with various houses, and a few that are not published. My natural history children’s book illustrations are in a different portfolio.


Picturebook illustrations